Available Prints. I will be adding more prints in the future so please check back.

"Anno Domini" - Saint John's Abbey Church

Fine art lithograph print on archival paper coated with silk and with archival ink. All proceeds from the sale of the prints will be donated to the Saint John's University Art Department. For more information on the printing which was done on the same press and by the same team as the Saint John's Bible please check out my blog.  My intention is to keep the prices down on the unsigned lithographs to help make them more affordable to students at CSB/SJU. I've also decided not to do a limited edition on the signed and bible verse added prints, as I also want to make them available and affordable. 

18 x 12 open edition $35.00

25x38 open edition is $60.00

Signed and bible verse Matthew 11:28 available in both sizes;

18 x 12  Signed and bible verse $ 135.00

38 x 25 Signed and bible verse$ 160.00

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