Heidi Mckeown is a prolific abstract painter who is looking to share her love of abstract art with others. She has a degree in Fine Art and also has a lifelong love of interior design, specifically mid-century design.  She is known for her large, energetic and colorful acrylic paintings. In lieu of brushes, her favorite tools are large paint scrapers which are found at hardware stores. She also usually paints horizontally and believes in pushing the limits of her paint and of herself.  She jokingly referrers to her studio as a science laboratory and herself as the mad scientist, hence humor is a daily part of her journey.  She is primarily self-taught with a nod to several past and present artists whom inspire her, such as Jackson Pollock, Jasper Johns, Hans Hoffman, Piet Mondrian and Gerhard Richter to name a few. Heidi is enjoying the challenge and rigors of being an emerging artist and is also enjoying the opportunity to donate her art to local charities.  It is her hope that you enjoy her website and that it will compel you to discover what kind of art speaks to your soul!

        " One must, from time to time, attempt things that are beyond one's capacity"
                                                                                                      --Auguste Renoir