One more from the framer today!

You can't tell from the photo, but the frame on this one is so lovely! It has a slight red running thru it that looks amazing with the painting. Love when I find a frame that really works this well! I often will paint on unstretched canvas and depending on the conditions, I will dry mount them and frame them instead of having them stretched onto stretcher bars.  I didn't want this one to get any narrower hence the choice I made.  It looks so good! I'm so happy with this one! Cheers!


It's really hard for me to paint "subtle"! But it's good to take on challenges! I even toned this one down a bit, so unlike me!

Something different for a change!  It was really hard for me to not amp up the color when I worked on this one yesterday.  My natural tendency is to add vibrant colors, but it was taking on such a lovely feel that I really wanted to see it thru. I came back today and toned it down even more to keep the feel soft, calm. I'd like to wear this one as a huge shawl, preferably cashmere and would be splendid! Cheers!

                                                                                                                     36 x 48

                                                                                                                    36 x 48

Shout out to the excellent team I work with at Arts District Imageworks!

I have the good fortune to have moved in next door to my scanners! I used them for some time and upon a visit I realized the space next to them had become available. I have extremely high standards for my giclee prints and they do a superb job! Not only that, they are superb people and I love working with them. I have lots of complicated requests at times and they always figure out a solution. I'm not a technical person but I know how I want my colors to look and I know how I want my art to be represented. So after experimenting with various papers and various kinds of scans, we have found the right combination to really knock my work out of the ball park. Here are some photos of what they do. Love them, thank's guys!! Cheers!