That's a Wrap! Thank you for coming to Art-A-Whirl!!

Thank you to all who made it to Art-A-Whirl, our annual show in NE Minneapolis! We are the largest art crawl in the US and also the largest art district and voted number one by USA Today! Whew! So fun to see old friends and to make new ones, including the Mayor of Minneapolis and his family. Despite the cold weather, yes, it’s mid May, we were jammed packed Friday night and very busy both Sat and Sunday so cheers to hearty Minnesotans! I so enjoy talking with you all and I’m humbled that several of you found places for my art in your homes. Now lets hope the weather warms up finally for good this time and that we can get onto summer! Here’s some photos of some of my visitors. (Friday night was jammed packed so no time for photos, but here are a few ones that I took later in the weekend) So fun seeing people sit and chill in my galleries. And these gals were taking photos of themselves in front of the art so I took a group shot of them and I had a blast talking to these young graffiti artists who some day I’m going to be asking for their autographs! Thank you again and now time for some R&R and onto summer we go! Cheers!


Enjoyable day painting away as it rained and rained outside.

I made the most of a rainy day by listening to Bob Dylan and Neil Young of all people as I painted my heart out. So relaxing to have a free day and do whatever I wanted in my studio. Even cranked up my disco ball and sat and listened to “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan in my comfy chair. Yes, my disco ball also spins to jazz, folk, pop, tangos and even Bob Dylan. ;-) It’s a beautiful thing.

36 x 48

36 x 48

It's always fun to see how the galleries take shape and take on their own personalities!

I never really know how things are going to come together. It takes me a few weeks to ruminate, move, balance, rebalance my galleries. It’s always fun for me to see the end result and this year it appears it’s all about color. It must be because if was such a long harsh winter. I’m known for using color but this year it seems to be at a new level. The newest painting is this large one, it’s two panels that come to 72x96. It’s super fun for me to see it installed and how it works as a whole. It exudes happy vibes and just makes me smile. Hope it makes you smile too! Cheers!

72 x 96

72 x 96