I know I'm on a break, BUT...I need to share this with you!

Thank you to Pillar Homes and to the lovely family who hired them to build their house for asking me to fill their home with my paintings for the Artisan Home Tour! It was such fun to work with them and to help them select the art that helps to complete their home. I've been out of the country, so just finally back and it was so fun to tour the house and see how it all came together! Such a privilege to have such an opportunity and a huge congratulations to the new home owners who built such a wonderful home! Here are some photos for you to enjoy. If you live in MN and want something fun to do this weekend, come check it out! It's the last weekend of the show, June 22-24 from 12-6. The address for this home is 315 Margaret Circle, Wayzata, MN. Google Artisan Home 2018 for more info. CHEERS!


You are cordially invited to visit my studio at Art-a Whirl ®!

Art-a-Whirl ®, which is the largest art crawl in the US is coming up!! I have never been to it, let alone  been in it, so this is my maiden voyage! I hear it is a great time!! If you google Art-a Whirl ® 2018, or google NEMAA.org, (Northeast Minneapolis Artists Association), you can find out all the events happening, and believe me, it's quite a line-up! Also check out my building's website, Casketarts.com for what's happening at our place!  It's Friday May 18th, 5-10. Saturday May 19th 12-8, and I'm closed Sunday, as we have a family obligation, but the rest of the show is from 12-5.

At our building, which is the Casket Arts Building, there will be entertainment, food trucks, brewery beer offerings, custom cocktails in the basement lounge, Red Stag Supper Club, Great Dane Rescue, (as in really cool dogs walking around),  a marching band parade out back, spin art, face-painting,   just to name a few events! Behind my building is the Franconia Sculpture Park and our Carriage House, which has more artist.  ( check out Franconia .org and click on Art-a Whirl® and they have a daily event line-up) Opening day, 5-8 they have an Opening Ceremony hosted by two comedians, Edison High school Marching Band, Silver Lake Symphonic Woodwinds, Chaos Combat Marching Band, the Southside Battle Train, an appearance by Smoky the Bear, haircuts, and a reality show cook off (7pm) rain date is Saturday May 19th. Saturday May 19th they are going to do a live iron pour from 12-4. Gosh...this sounds like too much fun!! Their web site does a great job explaining what it all is! They are rarely open so this is a great opportunity to check out some really cool "stuff"!

 There is a trolly that shuttles folks to the different buildings in the area too. I hear it's a good idea to just uber in as parking can be tricky. I also hear it's really fun!! So if you are free and up for an adventure, come check it out!  It's family friendly too! There are over 100 artists in my building and I hear it's a pleasant building to explore as it's not as huge as some of the others. So hope to see you there!! We are at 681 17th Ave North East, North East Mpls. I'm in studio 160. Come explore why North East Minneapolis was voted by USA today as the Reader's Choice for best art district in the US!! Whew!!! Cheers!  


Found a few photos of the paintings I have done of gondolas. Odd subject matter perhaps?! lol

When we travel, we tend to go up on gondolas. I'm afraid of heights so I'm always challenged! The top painting is when we were in Lucerne, Switzerland and my son and I were in a small red gondola. I was too chicken to take the big one to the top, so I sat and watched him go up. This painting is an intrepertation of what I saw.  They scare the beegebies out of me, but I think they are cool! On a side note, I told my son, we need to listen to music to take my mind off of my fears, we ended up randomly  cranking ZZ Top and it did the trick! I always chuckle when I see this painting as my son will forever think of his mother sining to ZZ Top in Switzerland.  Cheers! 


One more from the framer today!

You can't tell from the photo, but the frame on this one is so lovely! It has a slight red running thru it that looks amazing with the painting. Love when I find a frame that really works this well! I often will paint on unstretched canvas and depending on the conditions, I will dry mount them and frame them instead of having them stretched onto stretcher bars.  I didn't want this one to get any narrower hence the choice I made.  It looks so good! I'm so happy with this one! Cheers!