"Anno Domini"- Saint John's Abbey Church Painting Installed

I'm happy to share that "Anno Domini"- Saint John's Abbey Church  was installed in the  newly remodled Alcuin Library recently! My family and I headed up to check out it's new home a few weeks ago. It's an understatement to say that my painting will be VERY happy there! They did just a tremendous job on the remodel, it's so beautiful and so well designed.( I'm  also anxious to see the new Learning Center that will open in the near future next to it!) Below I've included photos of the exterior of the library and the entrance, along with a photo of the Abbey church for those of you who have never seen it. Both structures were designed by famed architect Marcel Breuer and the bench below my painting is also designed by him. I am a lover of mid century architecture and to have a painting, (especially the first painting to leave my studio), hang in such an iconic building is really beyond my wildest dreams.  I've included some interior photos of the library also, isn't it amazing!  I was so overwhelmed when we visited it, from the new big windows that look out to the Abbey church, to the lighting, the ceiling heights, the cool red furniture, the beautiful columns, when I finally got to the Saarinen white side tables I broke down in tears. I had two rounds of  sobbing tears and I'm tearing up as I'm writing this. I am so humbled and so thrilled to be able to share my painting in such an amazing structure and to even more amazing people who are connected to SJU.  Thank you to Saint John's for giving "Anno Domini" such a terrific new home!  I hope if you get up to SJU you will check it out and wave hi for me!