Thank you to those that made it to my show! It was great to see you! Cheers!

It was a lovely four days! Thank you to those that made it to my show! Not only do I enjoy meeting you and talking about art, I always come away with new learned lessons! I could not do this without you! Life is not lived in a vacuum or on an island alone nor is my art created in stillness and isolation. Your kind words of inspiration are music to my artistic soul. It was such fun to share in the giddiness of when a collector finds a new painting to bring home. Many of my paintings were fortunate enough to find new owners and I’m so humbled to be able to provide you with smiles and something to brighten up your walls. I’m one lucky girl!! Thank you! (and I secretly love when people sit on my chairs and stay for awhile, I sneak photos of them, it always makes me smile!)