Will be interesting to see how this one turns out. It's a big one!

It's funny as sometimes I "know" and sometimes I am not quite sure...this is one of those times! It will be fun to go back tomorrow and lay the painting out on the floor, as it's so large it drapes the table on both sides, and see it in it's entirety. (Kind of looks like a nice bedspread! lol) I often take progression photos so thought you might enjoy them. I did not however take a photo, which darn, I should have, when it was covered with birch trees. You can get a hint of them still. Depending on what I find tomorrow, I may go back in and add some. I wasn't "feeling" them today but it doesn't mean they might not still show up. Time will tell!  And one of these days I'm going to make a painting out of when I apply the paint, I have so much fun tossing it about and making fun shapes with it.  I keep meaning to stop and concentrate more on that process as I often see really fun things before I start moving the paint around. This is a big canvas so it took lots of paint. I did however scrape off enough paint to paint another  separate painting that I painted in tandem with this one. It's completely different! When I needed a certain color I'd just scrape into the big one and choose colors off of it like it was a big pallet, super fun. Cheers!